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Human Parasites

Most parasitic infections come from our food and water sources but can also be transmitted by human or animal contact.

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Human Parasites?

How common are parasites? » | Human parasites » | How can parasites affect me? »

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Warning - parasites live inside of you

Human parasites are everywhere, and they are very easy to contract from our food, water, animals, even from each other. Some parasites (eg. Pinworms) can even be transmitted through the air. Therefore, for prevention, it's recommend that a complete cleansing be performed twice a year.

What is a human parasite?

A parasite is an organism which lives off, and generally within, a host body, such as our own body, or other living organisms, like plants and animals. They live off the 'life' of another body, feeding on the nutrients, cells and organs of the host, reproducing by depositing thousands of eggs, or simply replicating by cell division, within the host's tissues and cells.
Parasites are often mobile, 'grazing' in one area of the body after another, eating the host's cells directly or draining the best of the nutrients directly from the host's tissues, all while secreting their fecal wastes throughout the host's body, leaving their poisonous toxic sludge (like ammonia) behind, further taxing the host system's abilities even more gravely. Parasites likely infect everyone. It's estimated that as many as 85% of the world's population is so inflicted. In fact, it's highly likely that you are infected by one or more of over 1000 known parasites which can live in your body at any one time.

How Do We Become Infected With Parasites?

Most parasitic infections come from our food and water sources but can also be transmitted by human or animal contact. Simply petting and grooming our pets can facilitate infection, the parasites' eggs passing from their fur to our hands, nose and mouth. Some parasites (e.g. pinworms) can even be transmitted through the air and are in the dust we breath. It's likely, therefore, that those who live in the same household will all have the same parasitic infections, whether they are currently symptomatic or not.

Parasite Cleanse
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Types of human parasites:

Hookworm are small parasitic organisms that attach themselves to the walls of your organs


An intestinal parasite responsible for many diseases. In humans it is marked by anemia, abdominal pain and diarrhea. The disease also causes apathy and malnutrition, and in children, underdevelopment. The eggs of a hookworm develop into larvae that are able to penetrate the skin of any person who comes into contact with them. After entering the body, the larvae travel through the bloodstream to the lungs and then the digestive tract. They develop into adult worms and attach to the walls of the small intestine. The anemia is a result of the loss of blood, which the worms drain from the intestinal wall for their nourishment. It is estimated that over 225 million persons are infected with this parasite.

Liver Fluke lives by sucking life from your liver

Liver Fluke

All flukes are parasitic. The liver fluke is about 2.5 cm in length and has a dark red pigment, much like the liver in which it lives. The eggs leave the body of the host animal in its feces and if they are discharged in a body of water, hatch to larvae. The larvae then burrows into a snail making its way to the liver tissue of the snail, where it turns into a spore form. Within the spore form, the larvae escapes from the snail and attaches itself to some object where it encysts. It remains this way until it is swallowed. The cyst wall then breaks down and the larvae Cryptosporidium Parvummigrates to the liver of the host where it develops into an adult fluke. The fluke is the main cause of schistosomiasis also known as bilharziasis and many other widespread diseases.

Cryptosporidium Parvum

An obligate intracellular parasite which can occur on any food touched by a contaminated handler. To date there is no known effective drug for the treatment of cryptosporidiosis, which is caused by this parasite. Today it is known that Colloidal Silver will kill this parasite.

Pinworm live inside your body


These parasites are found in human intestines all over the world. The pinworm is the most common roundworm infestation in the U.S., infecting children more than adults. The pinworm is about 1 cm. long. Humans become infected after drinking water or eating food contaminated by the eggs of a pinworm. An adult pinworm develops in the intestine and lays eggs in the anal region. Symptoms of infection are itching, intestinal upset or vomiting and nervousness.

Roundworm can multiply very quickly and infest humans


Roundworms are almost worldwide in distribution and are abundant in the surface layers of soils. Many of them are economically and medically harmful, living as parasites in plants and animals, including humans. Roundworm infections are common and frequently go unnoticed, but several species cause serious diseases such as elephaniasis and trichinosis. Left uncured, this worm causes serious damage to the intestinal tract.

Tapeworm is a common parasite that lives inside of human bodies


Flattened worms ranging in length from about 13 mm to 9 m (about 30 ft.). The adult tapeworm is characterized by the presence of a head, equipped with a crown of hooklets for attachment to the intestinal living. Tapeworms come from consuming processed foods. Dangerous to humans, they can be killed...

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Parasites?

Unfortunately, most available pharmaceutical drugs (parasiticides) are specific for only one particular parasitic organism. And most are generally not that effective because drugs target only certain areas of the body’s metabolism, or only certain stages of parasitic development. Parasiticides are generally very toxic, even in the small doses needed, and thus, must be used carefully. Because of the cunning survival strategies of parasites, and the fact that most are motile, they can quickly migrate from the area of your body that is being medicated, to one that is not, thus, making it almost impossible for effective and complete elimination.

Yet Herbal treatments have been very successful and good results. Look into the parasite cleanse offered and start your program today.

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